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Boğazici is a fishing village
in the true sen
It is a place where you can have the same kind of enjoyment that you would have in Bodrum and if you wish you can sit by the sea to join the mythical character of Bellerophon and the waves in their mourning for his best friend Bargylos. In ancient times the names of the towns or the heroes of those towns are intertwined with the mythological tales. For example the mythological name of Bogazici village is Bargylia named after Bargylos. The tale says that the hero Bellerophon’s horse Pegasos killed his best friend with his double-barrelled gun. Bellerophon then founded this town in his friend’s memory, named it after him and has never left the vicinity ever since.
If you travel from Bodrum in the direction of Guvercinlik, about 4 km later you would see the entrance to Bogaziçi on your left. This is called the Tuzla Junction. Whilst this 3 km long asphalt road takes you to the village, some dream like views are on offer for your enjoyment. On the one side you have the lake, where on the other lies the sea and you get the wonderful sensation that while you are travelling forward you are in fact cutting through one body of water.

As well as this you can also feast your eyes on the flamingos of Boğazici, a bird of paradise. If you are especially lucky you might also get to view some swans, pelicans or wild ducks. Bogazici has a beautiful deep blue bay surrounded by olive trees. It had salt marshes in the past and the entire salt requirement of surrounding areas was produced here. Nowadays almost the entire village population survives on fishing. There are restaurants that offer plenty of fresh fish such as seabream and seabass. To go with the fresh fish there is freshly prepared salad, dressed with thyme, garlic, blackpepper and pure olive oil all of which is local produce, creating a splendid and scrumptious result.
In every season you will be able to slip into the cool waters of Poseidon and if you want to do something different why not jump into a canoe and explore till your heart’s content.
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